We manufacture lenses to the highest standard in our attached ISO 9001 quality assured laboratory.

Some opticians may claim to have on site laboratories; however the vast majority will only assemble frames into lenses with basic glazing machinery. Because we are a true manufacturing facility we can make lenses from the basic materials to ensure you get the best vision and the best possible cosmetic appearance.

Our sports eyewear lenses for example are made individually taking into account the curvature of the frames to ensure optimum vision.

We will give you honest advice if we feel you would benefit from any enhancements to the basic lenses, such as lens coatings or thinner lens materials.

Varifocal Lenses

Our range of varifocal lenses come from the world’s leading manufacturers.

To simplify your decision we have arranged the most popular options into 3 groups.


These lenses have the varifocal surface on the front surface of the lens with a preset design to give the best compromise between the different distances for an average wearer


The premium lens uses digital freeform technology to on the back surface of the lens. This gives a wider field of view at all distances and reduces peripheral distortions, especially useful for drivers.


Ultimate lenses are also digital freeform back surface lenses, however the lens design is personalized for you. We will analyze your vision tasks to give you the best vision where you need it most.